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Eagles Rookies Eager

The 44 players convening for the Eagles' rookie minicamp began arriving at NovaCare Friday afternoon. They will practice twice a day Saturday and Sunday, once Monday.

Brandon Boykin didn't have to think very long, when a reporter asked the Eagles' fourth-round rookie cornerback what makes a good return man.

"Confidence," Boykin said. "Bravery...All eyes are on you ... For me, I think it's just not looking back, not hesitating, not second-guessing yourself, whatever you see, go."

That's one of the available roles Boykin would like to show he can fill, as the Eagles welcome 44 players to rookie camp this weekend at NovaCare.

Boykin, Georgia's all-time leader in kick return yards, is second all-time in the annals of the SEC. He also has experience playing the slot. The team wasted no time giving him the No. 22 jersey of departed Pro Bowl corner Asante Samuel."

"I was No. 2 in college (off limits to a defensive back in the NFL), so just talking to them, they said they'd give me the double deuces, to be close to my college number," he said. "On social media, everybody's like, 'you've got Asante's old number, you gotta make something happen now,' " he said. "I'll definitely try to represent the 22."

Top pick Fletcher Cox, the defensive tackle from Ole Miss, remains unsigned, but Cox said he thinks that will happen pretty quickly. The rookie salary structure imposed under the new CBA has simplified the process considerably.

"I haven't been on the field since our bowl game in December, so I'm looking forward to that," Cox said when asked what he most wants to accomplish this weekend.

Second-round defensive end Vinny Curry, a lifelong Eagles fan, showed up wearing an older cap from his collection -- Kelly green with the old flying eagle logo.

"I figured I'd put this thing to use," Curry said.