Between his record-breaking comedy tour and at least one box office hit, it's been something of a stellar year for Philly's own Kevin Hart. Now, we can add another achievement to the list.

After all, in California, February 22 is now officially "Kevin Hart Day."

Hart stopped by California State Senate Chamber for a visit earlier this week, posting to Instagram a shot of himself with the resolution that created the holiday:

"The state of California has just given me my own day," Hart wrote. "I'm proud to announce that in the state of California February 22nd will forever be known as 'Kevin Hart Day.'"

In addition to posing with his resolution, the comedian also sat for a picture with the California State Assembly itself:

"I still can't believe that the state of California gave me my own day," Hart added later. "February 22nd is My Day people…I'm in the state archives."

Currently, Hart is wrapping up the final leg of his ongoing "What Now?" tour, which concludes in South Africa in late March. He will host the MTV Movie Awards alongside Dwayne Johnson on April 10.