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'Silicon Valley’ star Zach Woods apologizes for calling Philly racist

Trenton-born Yardley-raised actor Zach Woods feels like a jerk. "'Here's some B-list moron bashing Philly,'" Woods said about himself.

Trenton-born Yardley-raised actor Zach Woods feels like a jerk. Woods, who stars as Jared on HBO's excellent Silicon Valley, roused the ire of many a-Philadelphian when he called the city "kind of racist" on Marc Maron's WTF Podcast last month.

Now he feels really bad about it.

When asked about the podcast, Woods says: "I was so glad the Philly paper was willing to talk to me! I felt so awful people thought I was bashing Philadelphia. I was trying to be light-hearted and it ended up coming off completely wrong. Listening back to the interview, I totally understand how people thought it was annoying. It was way too serious a thing to say about the city. I just off-handedly said that and, to be honest, I'm new to doing interviews and having people take what I say seriously. I thought I was just chatting with Marc Maron. It made me shudder.It blew up in every conceivable way. My family, lots of people I love, live in Philly. I live in L.A., it's not like I think where I live is any better."

When told that characterization of Flyers games "where people would throw batteries at Santa Claus" was a mixture of various Philly fan legends he responded, "I got the sports stuff wrong too? Oh no!"

Woods said he totally understands how he comes off as some "B-list moron bashing Philly."

Pick up Sunday's Inquirer for more on Woods. Silicon Valley airs 10 p.m. Sundays on HBO.