Say farewell to "Daily News Live."

The sports talk show will change format next month, officially debuting as "Philly SportsTalk," powered by the Daily News, on April 8.

Other than dropping my beloved workplace from the title, "Philly SportsTalk" will have more, faster-paced segments, occasionally expanding beyond the world of sports to touch on major entertainment news, such as the Oscars. The show will also utilize new partnerships with NBC, bringing in their own radio and television personalities to discuss the events of the day. Comcast bought out General Electric's 49 percent stake in NBCUniversal last month.

Some of the show that has been on air since Comcast SportsNet was born in 1997 will stay the same, such as host Michael Barkann. Daily News sportswriters will continue to make appearances but the show will no longer be held to the contractual 13 writers per week. Instead, around five writers will appear per week.

"For selfish reasons, I think we all wish it would continue," said Daily News columnist Rich Hofmann. "But at the same time, 15 years is a long run and I'm shocked it lasted that long because nothing lasts that long on television."

Hofmann said he was given no indication of whether his services would be required on "Philly SportsTalk."

The switch from newspaper-affiliated Comcast sports talk shows is not singular to the Philadelphia area. "Chicago Tribune Live" has already switched to "SportsTalk Live," dropping the Chi-town broadsheet as a title sponsor.

"We have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with CSN," said Daily News Managing Editor Pat McLoone. "There are many people at CSN who I'd like to thank for that over the years and, of course, Michael Barkann, who has been there from Day One. We look forward to continuing that association for years to come on the new show."