But Hanson, who died Tuesday at 71, didn't look down on Weiner's work. Instead, he saw her second novel as "as about relationships and love, and he never saw it as something lesser because it was about women," Weiner said in a phone call.

"In the process of [scouting locations] at the Jamaican Jerk Hut  and wandering around there ... and imagining it as the location for the date of Simon and Rose, I started thinking that it could be more than that ... 

"So we proposed this to the Jerk Hut and they were taken aback because we were taking over the whole place, but we love them - [owner] Nicola [Shirley] and her family and the people who work there. They prepared the food for the crew and also the food that's on camera. ... And then we all ate it at the end of the day's shooting. ... It was beyond good. 

"Philadelphia is so special in its uniqueness and it has also been under-represented in movies so there's a freshness to it. "