Marilyn Looks Back On Her Dazzledent Days

Everyone should sparkle. I'm just not

as bright as my teeth anymore.

It's late and I feel like a great big fish

in a jar, but a woman never admits

it took hours to get this way.

I used to meet nice guys, gentle

and perspiring. Now they're a bunch

of striped suits.

They say diamond, I say tomato.

Go look for my panties in the icebox

and see if I'm there.

Boo boo bee doo. I may get

the fuzzy end of the lollipop

but I still have my ukulele.

I call this song You Look Married.

Is it late where you are?

Which time zone is starboard

and which is port?

I want the sun to rise like a neon yacht

while I drift on Rachmaninoff.

I don't know if I'll remember

telling you these things, but whenever

someone says happy

I say I'll have a glass of that.

-Laura Spagnoli

Copyright © 2012 by Laura Spagnoli

Spagnoli, Laura. My Dazzledent Days, ixnay press, 2012.

Laura Spagnoli is the author of the chapbook My Dazzledent Days (ixnay press, 2012). Her poems have appeared in various places, including Jupiter 88, ONandOnScreen, and Apiary, and her story "A Cut Above" was published in the collection Philadelphia Noir. She lives in Philadelphia and teaches French at Temple University.