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Worst commercial on TV? You vote

Is it the crying mother or the red carpet adult diaper?

One bad thing about this time of the year when the NHL and NBA playoffs are both in full swing is that you tend to see the same commercials over and over. There are two that are just bugging me to the point that I want to pull an Elvis on my TV. Luckily I don't own a pistol.

Let's put them in a cagematch. In this corner the Verizon ad where the mother comes in blubbering because her little girl is moving into her own apartment. Within a couple of words they both need subtitles, they're weeping so hard. Believe it or not, this monstrosity is intended as a Mother's Day spot.

And in this corner we have the guy trying to get people to try on Depends adult diapers. He happens to be on a Hollywood red carpet with a microphone and a camera. What kind of event would give a spot to Depends? The same kind that would have Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin as featured guests. I know you don't need them, but what do you say, Lisa? Sure, why not. Personally I can think of about a thousand reasons, including the way Harry checks you out once you have the diapers on.

So which is it going to be? Which annoys you most? (FYI, coming in a close third was Blythe Danner worrying when people backstage wish her to "break a leg". Grotesque but it doesn't air enough to get in the cage.) If there's something else getting your goat, use your write-in option.

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