The on again/off again revival of Twin Peaks has been a long time coming, but production on the series has finally wrapped. And, now, we've gotten our first look at the 217-person cast.

Among the names involved are stars like Eddie Vedder, Trent Reznor, Michael Cera, and Jason Leigh, among many others. Series originals Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, David Duchovny, Miguel Ferrer, and more will also return.

The Twin Peaks revival was produced and written by original creators Lynch and Mark Frost. This time around, Lynch will serve as the sole director for the series, which premieres on Showtime in early 2017.

The revival's plot, meanwhile, picks up the original threads of the initial series, which centered around the murder of Twin Peaks' young homecoming queen, Laura Palmer. It is set 25 years after the original series ended.

Philadelphia, meanwhile, celebrated David Lynch in 2014 with the PAFA exhibit, "David Lynch: The Unified Field," which served as a retrospective of the auteur's work. Lynch famously lived in Philadelphia in the late 1960s as a student at PAFA.

The full Twin Peaks revival cast is below: