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Bensalem kid advances in Kids Week on Jeopardy!

It's Kids Week on Jeopardy!, which means two things:

1. As adults, we feel stupid when we don't know the answer and the kids do.

2. We know all the answers and are given a false sense of intelligence.

Either way, it's fun to tune in and see how smart kids these days are.

Disapppointment struck quickly this week. During Monday's Final Jeopardy!, none of the three contestants gave the correct answer for what appeared to be a simple question.

The three guesses were Hercules, Goofy and Barney. Nice try, kids. Not!

Kids don't watch Sesame Street anymore? Thanks a lot, SpongeBob.

For the Philadelphia region, the next night was much more satisfying. Tuesday's winner happens to be from Bensalem -- Ryan Elkins.

Ryan's Fun Facts

What would you do if you were president for a day?

"I would have Congress actually do something."

Who is your hero and why?

"My parents, because, well, they're awesome."

What is you favorite food?

"Spaghetti and meatballs."

Ryan will be in the semifinals round that airs next Tuesday.