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Sen. Leach Pranked?

Maybe state Sen. Daylin Leach got pranked or hacked or something. Otherwise, why the cookbook?

I think it's possible Montco Democratic state Sen. Daylin Leach was pranked or hacked like that New York congressman and his penis picture.

I say this because two readers sent me what appears to be an official Leach invite calling for recipes for a summer cookbook his office is putting together. Here it is.

I suspect foul play only because it seems to me there are a lot more important issues (not to mention no shortage of cookbooks) that Leach and his office could be working on.

But my readers have some suggestions. One says send him a recipe for "Lame Duck Soup." Another says the senator clearly has too much time on his hands and recommends that "Chef Leach" prepare a hearty, slow-cooked Citizens Constitutional Convention made with fewer and part-time legislators with less perks and benefits, campaign finance reform, a better redistricting system and zeroed-out legislative slush funds.

Seems to me that's a recipe we all could sink our teeth into. Grrrr.