(A brief discussion twixt Baer & Baer's editor, a.k.a. BE)

JB: You know, boss, I'm not one to say "I told you so."

BE: Actually, you say that all the time.

JB: I do? Well, anyway, looks like our Legislature is living up to my Halloween prediction.

BE: You mean your bold Oct. 31 out-on-a-limb call that lawmakers would slink through the rest of the year without passing any big-ticket items such as State Stores, vouchers and shale-fees?

JB: Yep. The Inky on Sunday seemed to support that call with a piece about how major stuff is falling off the table because lawmakers have yet to approve the required, deadlined redistricting of congressional and legislative seats.

BE: I saw that.

JB: In fact, the piece quotes House GOP spokesman Steve Miskin saying that apart from the new lines requirements, "Everything else is off the table."

BE: And so we'll get the usual House blaming the Senate, Senate blaming the House, both blaming the Guv and the Guv blaming both.

JB: And don't forget the editorials to come noting lawmakes just got their annual, automatic pay raise -- this year, 3 percent -- to increase their salaries and pensions while most government workers endure pay freezes and the rest of us stay out in the economic cold.

BE: Ah, yes. More money for less work, the perfect job.

JB: And remember, here in the Land of Low Expectations, nobody will be surprised or angry or even disappointed.

BE: Sorta like that congressional Super Committee that nobody expected any results from?

JB: Exactly like that. Lots of meetings, posturing, the-time-is-now pronouncements about how failure is not an option when, in fact, failure is the recurrent option.

BE: It's the Legislative Lag, the dance of the elected!

JB: And the music never ends. GRRR!