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The dope on diming out Kane

Not that it's a surprise, but the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reveals how the probe of AG Kane got started.

Ok, not that it's a real shocker, but the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that the investigation of state Attorney General Kathleen Kane started with info passed along by former state prosecutors with whom she was, is and likely always will be at odds.

The Kane case involving her alleged leak of secret grand jury material related to a 2009 probe of former Philly NAACP boss Jerry Mondesire, which never resulted in charges against him, could result in criminal charges against the sitting AG.

The leak came to light after high-profile clashes between Kane and former state prosecutors Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo over the state's investigation of Jerry Sandusky and a sting case involving some Philly lawmakers and a former traffic judge.

Kane questioned delays in the Sandusky probe and said the sting case was badly run, racist and couldn't be prosecuted. Since then multiple charges were brought by Philly D.A. Seth Williams who took the sting case over.

But back to the leak. Turns out Fina and Costanzo, both of whom now work for Williams, sent a letter to Montgomery County (and grand jury supervising) Judge William Carpenter last May suggesting somebody "committed a serious crime" by giving grand jury material on the 2009 case to the Daily News.

Here's the Trib's story. Here's the letter.

You'll note Fina and Costanzo never mention Kane but tell the judge they didn't leak anything and cite their "obligation to disclose this apparent breach of secrecy."

The rest, as they say, is history. The whole issue is now before the state Supreme Court. And its resolution will determine whether Kane is history.