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Clown sightings reported in Pa. county, police investigating

State police in Huntingdon County are now investigating reports of a suspicious clown spotted at throughout the area, and are urging residents to "use restraint" should they have a sighting.

State police in Huntingdon County are now investigating reports of a suspicious clown spotted throughout the area, and urge residents to "use restraint," should they have a sighting.

In a release issued Wednesday, police indicated that an unspecified number of "clown sightings" has prompted an investigation into the matter. No details about the specific locations of the sightings were immediately available, and description of the clown was not provided.

There have been "no threats made" by the clown in question, but police ask that anyone who spots a person dressed as a clown walking around the area call the police at 814-627-3161 to report the sighting.

In the release, police also asked that the public "use restraint and allow police to handle the situation." PennLive reporter Joe Elias first reported the news.

The apparent Huntingdon County sightings are not the first in Pennsylvania. In Schuylkill County earlier this week, police received reports that clowns had been harassing children. In Cambria County, meanwhile, a woman claims to have been peeped on through her window by a creepy clown in teal. Sightings were also been reported in Luzerne County this week.

Suspicious clown sightings have cropped up nationwide recently, with communities in Alabama, Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and North and South Carolina, among others, making reports throughout the summer. In South Carolina alone, Police recently received about a dozen reports of creepy clowns.

Some sightings, however, have been outed as false reports, leading to speculation about whether the sightings are hoaxes. This month in Georgia and North Carolina, police arrested and charged several people over giving false statements regarding clown sightings.