A deer that got stuck in a Main Line fence was freed Friday morning by a Lower Merion animal control officer using a hacksaw to cut through the bars.

The animal became wedged in the vertical bars of a fence surrounding the home of Carrie Gross Pestronk, of Gladwyne.

"My son was the one who spotted it on the way to school," she said.

"I think [the deer] understood we were trying to help him," said Pestronk, of Gladwyne.

Offers of help and support from the Lower Merion Community Network Facebook group flowed in.

Jennifer Sullivan Do you have a crowbar that you could use to widen the gap to allow him to get through?

Katherine Rohan Grosh Just be very careful. The deer may kick like crazy when you approach.

"He seemed to be exhausted — it took a bit for him to get his feet under him," said Boegly. The deer took off for a nearby wooded area he said.

Most incidents like this do not turn out as well and the animals are injured and often have to be destroyed, he said.

Pestronk did not mind the damage to her fence.

"The life of an animal is more important to me than a fence," she said.