On Saturday, a critical win by the Flyers was momentarily overshadowed when an escalator broke down at the Wells Fargo Center, sending fans tumbling down.

As fans were exiting the game following the Flyers' 3-2 win over the Ottawa Senators Saturday afternoon, an escalator filled with people suddenly malfunctioned, sped up and sent fans flying. Megan McGreevy, who was attending the game with her fiancé, filmed the mayhem and shared it on Twitter:

No serious injuries were reported, but Broad Street Hockey editor Collin Mehalick, who was at the game, reports seeing several older fans being taken away in wheelchairs.

Others tweeted during the mayhem:

Ike Richman, spokesperson for Comcast Spectator, said the escalator was closed following the incident and was out-of-service during the 76ers game at the Wells Fargo Center Saturday night.

"Immediately following Saturday's game an incident did occur involving one of our escalators. We immediately closed it down to protect our patrons and notified the operator," Richman said. "We are working with the operator on investigating this incident."

Richman expects the escalator to be back in service for Sunday night's Rihanna concert.