Did you get your car towed on South Street on Saturday because of the Philly Free Streets event?

A city spokesman said Saturday afternoon that people will receive refunds for towing fees and any tickets issued will be canceled.

"Due to a miscommunication, some cars parked along the event route were ticketed and towed rather than simply relocated," spokesman Mike Dunn wrote by email. "This error will be fixed: all tickets will be cancelled; anyone who already paid a towing charge to retrieve their car will have that payment refunded; and anyone who has not yet retrieved their car can do so without having to pay."

Dunn said that no-parking signs were posted along the event route by Friday night, but a couple of residents emailed the Inquirer, saying vehicles were towed on side streets off of South Street and they did not see any no-parking signs on those streets by Friday night.

According to Dunn's email:  "No Parking signage was posted along the entire route beginning on Thursday and completed by 8 p.m. Friday.  In addition, flyers were placed on doors and the Streets Department made robo-calls to affected residents prior to the event to inform them of the parking restriction.  The information was also on the event's website. Nonetheless, the City apologizes for the inconvenience the towing may have caused."

One woman emailed the Inquirer saying her boyfriend had a car towed from Hancock Street, between Bainbridge and South Streets, in Queen Village. There were no "No Parking" signs posted Friday, she wrote. 

Another person told us that residents on 27th Street, between Lombard and South Streets, in the Schuylkill section of the city, woke up to the sound of vehicles being towed about 4 a.m. Saturday. He also wrote that there were no "No Parking" signs on that block Friday night. 

On Saturday morning, Philadelphia Parking Authority spokesman Marty O'Rourke said cars were prohibited from being parked on South Street for the Philly Free Streets event. He said more than 100 cars had been towed.

He said signs were posted on South Street clearly indicating that parking was prohibited. Asked later about side streets, he said the Streets Department handled the signage and he would have to look into the matter.

That's when Dunn emailed us. Bottom line: If you got your vehicle towed, you will get it back and won't have to pay. If you've already paid, you will get your money back.

Vehicles were towed to the Parking Authority's lot at 2501 S. Weccacoe Ave. in South Philadelphia (near the IKEA and Best Buy shopping center). The phone number for the lot is listed as 215-683-9550.

Staff writer Rob Tornoe contributed to this article.