The wandering feline that charmed a Main Line campus has found a furever home.

Havercat, a domestic shorthair that used to spend his days hanging out in the Haverford College's Magill Library, was adopted by a student and her family, said Dawn Heckert, library circulation services and building coordinator.

"It is a Haverford family," said Heckert. She said the family, which wants to remain anonymous, recently lost their older cat. The student is a junior who works in the library and was one of Havercat's caretakers.
Last Christmas Havercat - or Valentino, as he is also known - strolled in through an open library door and decided to stay. He would wander into classrooms, offices and spent some of his evenings cuddling up to students in the dorms. He quickly earned a reputation as the go-to companion for students needing a stress-buster.

The tabby and white mix even managed to start up his own Twitter, Instagram Facebook, and Yik Yak accounts.

After a serious injury in September left him with a swollen leg, droopy tail and in pain, the staff decided it was time for Havercat to graduate. They began a search for a forever home, said Heckert.
Havercat joined his new family last week, just in time for Thanksgiving. Before he left,  Valentino received a clean bill of health from the veterinarian, Heckert said.
There was also a going away party, of sorts.
Valentino dropped by the library for one last time. He received new food bowls that had been signed by his college friends and plenty of good-bye cuddles before leaving for his new home, Heckert said.