It appears wine itself might be worthy of a toast.

Wine, it turns out, could be one ingredient for a happy marriage, according to a recent report in The Journals of Gerontology.

Researchers found that couples who drink wine together say they are happier over time. Wives reported they were happier when their husbands drank wine and less happy when they didn't.

The study surveyed 4,864 participants.  As a caveat, the researchers say they did not focus on the amount of alcohol consumed by survey participants. Rather, they focused on the importance of whether both husband and wife drank.

The researchers focused on heterosexual couples in the US and measured responses by 2,767 married couples as part of a long-term health survey. Marriages had already lasted for 33 years on average, with approximately two-thirds in their first marriage, reported.

This isn't the first time research has found wine to have beneficial properties.

There was one study that, sadly, didn't pan out according to Drinking wine before bed will not make you skinny.

Good news for those that don't want to imbibe but still want the health benefits: resveratrol may soon be available in pill form.