First Lady Michelle Obama is campaigning for Hillary Clinton at La Salle University on Wednesday, a day after Vice President Joe Biden stumped for the Democratic presidential nominee at another Philadelphia college.

Obama took the stage La Salle's Tom Gola Arena, located at 1900 W. Olney Avenue, around noon.

During her address, she referenced the campaign led by Donald Trump questioning whether her husband was born in this country.

She said the nation needed an adult as its leader.

Doors opened at 9 a.m., and a large crowd was gathering in advance of the first lady's speech.

The first lady heads to Pittsburgh for another college appearance, at the University of Pittsburgh, later Wednesday.

Her Pennsylvania college tour comes after Biden campaigned for the former secretary of state at Drexel on Tuesday, which was National Voter Registration Day.

The vice president spent much of his 30-minute speech mocking Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

"Saw that debate last night didn't ya? I tell you what, if this choice isn't clear I don't know, my lord," he told the crowd, calling Trump "painfully uninformed."

Following the campaign stops by the two top Democratic surrogates, Trump running mate Mike Pence will be making an appearance in Pennsylvania, considered a battleground state in the presidential race.

Pence is to speak in York on Thursday.