After this Labor Day weekend, summer is unofficially over, and it seems the Meek Mill-Drake rap feud is finished, too.

On the Rocky Stage on Saturday night, North Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill came out with the bearing of a fighter, wearing a yellow Arsenal soccer jersey and barking out rhymes with trademark fierceness. He had plenty of praise for his hometown: "One thing I know about Philly, they always show me love." He told gritty tales of his roughneck beginnings while pledging to stay true to the streets: "Anybody who knew me when I had nothing and knows me now that I have all this money knows I remain the same." But he never mentioned the name of his Canadian rival.

Jst as well: Who needs Drake, when you've got Nicki Minaj? Meek was fiery and entertaining throughout his set, and he charmed the crowd by bringing his son, whom he introduced as Papi, out to dance to Silento's hit "Watch Me." And he worked the crowd into a frenzy, closing with his best song, the majestic "Dreams More than Nightmares."

But who cares about all that? All that really mattered was that, after reading the crowd by playing snippets of her songs, he brought his girlfriend Nicki Minaj out, in the flesh. They did the tepid duet "All Eyes On You" from his chart-topping album Dreams Worth More than Money. But before they did that, Minaj gave a shout-out to people who are still in school, and people who pay their own bills. Then she said that "everybody got love for my baby Daddy!" What? OMG, is she pregnant with Meek Mill's child? Feel free to start obsessing over that question, Internet.