A New Jersey hospital that came under fire from a national medical group for using dogs in its residency training program says it will abandon the practice.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit, had taken out two train station ads and a billboard to draw attention to the Morristown Medical Center's use of live dogs for medical training.

The signs were located at the Morristown train station and on Interstate 95, near the Newark Liberty International Airport.

In a statement issued by spokeswoman Elaine Andrecovich, the medical center said it would now use both simulators and cadavers in the training.

The live tissue training took place at an offsite facility and surviving animals were euthanized.

Andrecovich said the training program had used four dogs annually.

The physicians group has said  its research shows that 89 percent of emergency medicine programs now use only non-animal training methods, though the practice was once much more common. Most programs that continue to incorporate animals in their training use pigs.