Protesters in cities across the country, including Philadelphia, marked the Presidents' Day holiday Monday with demonstrations targeting the current administration — rallying under the mantra "Not My President's Day."

In Philadelphia, several hundred demonstrators gathered around noon at Thomas Paine Plaza to protest President Trump's policies and actions on immigration, the environment, health care and other issues.

Protesters carried signs alleging Trump has conflicts of interest, including a photo of the president behind prison bars with the words "Arrest," "Impeach," and "Traitor" emblazoned across the front.

Another rendered Trump as a puppet and Russian President Vladimir Putin as the puppeteer.

After a series of speeches, the group marched to Independence Mall, then back to the plaza. It remained peaceful and wrapped up around 3 p.m.

While Philadelphia's protest appeared relatively small, larger demonstrations attracted thousands of demonstrators in other cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Washington, and Chicago.

A common chant heard throughout the cities included "Love! Not hate! Makes America great!"

Previous demonstrations also took place in Philadelphia and elsewhere over the holiday weekend, including a climate change-focused march on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway on Sunday.