The sitters have spoken.

And according to the results of our poll, it's not as cut-and-dried as some commenters would have you believe.

We received 1,554 responses between Saturday and Tuesday morning. And here's what we found: 68.1 percent call the platform outside their front door "The Steps," 28.8 percent call it "The Stoop," and 3.1 percent call it something else.

Out of those responses, the ZIP code with the most votes was 19148 -- South Philly, and 81 percent of voters there favored "steps." The "stoop" preferrers were scattered across the city, and gained a narrow majority in a few neighborhoods, including Center City.

We read the comments sections.

RoofedPimpleBall: "I know about as many people in So Philly who call steps 'stoops', as I do who call hoagies 'subs' and that's 0."

We read the emails.

CCamp: "Any lifelong Philly resident can tell you we all had front steps not stoops."

We listened to the voicemails.

"What's wrong with ya's?"

Believe it or not, this is just what we were expecting.  The results prove that there isn't one word universal to Philadelphia.  Much like "jawn," some say it, some hate it.

Authenticity is key in Philadelphia. And what's more authentic than an Italian family from South Philly who stuck together?

The point of the series is to highlight Philadelphia stories, stories that reveal the unique characteristics that make this city great. The name should be secondary. So in the interest of pleasing everyone, our series will remain "Stoops," but the text will refer to steps -- unless the subject of the story says stoops or porch or veranda or some other vestibular nomenclature. 

Follow along this summer as we tell stories from across the city at Our stories will publish there every Thursday at 11 a.m., and appear in both the Inquirer and Daily News the following Monday. In between, we'll have more reader polls, Facebook Lives, and other opportunities to interact with our readers.