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Photos: Philadelphians ignore #NoSavesies pleas

The time-honored tradition of parking spot "savesies" – using a cone, beach chair or broomstick to reserve a shoveled out space – is under fire in blizzard-weary Philly thanks to the cops' #NoSavesies enforcement campaign.

But many citizens are ignoring no-savesies and continuing their old-school savesies ways along with the unwritten (sometimes handwritten) warning that any car parked in their shoveled-out space will suffer the consequences.

The police campaign is aimed at preventing parking-spot punch-ups.

"Arguments have ensued, fights have broken out, and worse," said Stephen Fleming, a Philadelphia native and 3rd-grade teacher at John B. Kelly Elementary School in Germantown. "It's been an unwritten law."

As snow drifts continue to cover parking spots and residents spend hours shoveling out, the savesies vs. no savesies brouhaha is not going away any time soon.

Here are some of the ways Philadelphians have tried to mark their spots in recent days, despite pleas from police and city officials to keep parking places open.

A photo posted by @akostrubanic on Jan 25, 2016 at 12:09pm PST

Despite those who ignored the #NoSavesies pleas, many did get the message. Social media users alerted police to saved spots, and the Philadelphia Police Department's most recent #NoSavesies video has garnered more than 470,000 views on Facebook alone.