A rare blue lobster has been caught off the coast of Plymouth, Massachusettes this week.

On Monday Wayne Nickerson, of Plymouth, hauled in the unusual lobster, according to the Boston Globe.

The amount of the pigment astaxanthin will determine the color of a lobster's shell, according to the Maine Lobsterman's Community Alliance. When the astaxanthin binds with certain proteins, it can produce different colors.

Most lobsters are greenish or blackish brown to blend into the environment. The odds of finding a yellow lobster are about one in 30 million catches. A white - or albino - lobster would be about a 1 in 100 million catch. Lobsters that look like they are two different sides sewn together are probably hermaphrodites, one side male the other female. There are even calico, orange and bright red lobsters.

Fisherman catches bright blue lobster in 1-in-2,000,000 find https://t.co/PqqINvk2SG pic.twitter.com/p2ZUk4rFRm