For Pennsylvania wine drinkers, having Napa Valley bottles shipped right to their doors has long been a dream.

And now, that dream is reality.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has issued its first batch of new direct wine shipper licenses, which vastly expands the number of wineries able to ship wine to consumers in the state.

Gov. Tom Wolf signed into law earlier this summer a bill that loosens Pennsylvania's liquor laws by expanding wine shipping options and allowing some grocery stores and other establishments to sell wine to-go.

As of Wednesday morning, the liquor control board had granted 48 direct wine shipment licenses, allowing more wineries across the state and nation to send wine to Pennsylvania consumers.

The list of wineries with the licenses is available on the board's website and is updated as the licenses are approved. Before, only a very limited number of wineries could ship their products to Pennsylvania homes.

The wineries holding the new licenses are located across the country, from California to right here in Pennsylvania.