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Rhule talks redshirts

During his American Athletic Conference coaches' conference call on Monday, Temple coach Matt Rhule announced the players, off the top of his head that would be keeping their redshirt this season. Here they are:

Wide receiver: Ventell Bryant (6-3, 180), Matt Eaton (6-4, 200).

Offensive linemen: James McHale (6-6, 300), Aaron Ruff (6-3, 300), Jaelin Robinson (6-7, 300).

Running backs: David Hood (5-9, 185), Zaire Williams (5-11, 195).

Quarterbacks: Frank Nutile (6-4, 199), Lenny Williams (5-10, 196).

Defensive linemen: Michael Dogbe (6-3, 240), Freddie Booth-Lloyd (6-0, 315).

Defensive back: Shamir Bearfield (5-11, 175), Jyquis Thomas (6-1, 183).

Linebacker: Jared Folk (6-2, 218).

Rhule did the list off the top of his head and admitted there were some players he may have omitted. He said that he believed redshirting these guys was the right thing to do.

"I like the group of kids we redshirted," Rhule said. "Maybe they could have played for us, but I think they will help us in the long run, all of them. We made the decision and I think it will pay off in the long run.