Philadelphia went into a bit of a tizzy when news broke in May that director Kevin Smith was considering filming the sequel to his 1995 hit, Mallrats, at Delaware County's Granite Run Mall. Now, it looks as if those plans are solidifying.

Smith this week paid a visit to the Granite Run Mall with his daughter, Harley, to scout the location for the filming of Mallbrats this fall. And, as Smith put it, "this might be the Mall, y'all":

A photo posted by Kevin Smith (@thatkevinsmith) on Jul 15, 2015 at 11:32am PDT

Smith also posted a second image of his "whirlwind 24 hour trip" showing the inside of Granite Run Mall, which looks as desolate as ever with daughter Harley standing alone in one of the mall's massive atriums. However, for Smith it appeared "perfect:"

Still, though, while Smith's personal visit to the Granite Run Mall is a good indicator that filming is likely, it isn't a guarantee. As you may recall, the filming schedule of Mallbrats wasn't exactly jibing with the mall's proposed September demolition.

However, with Smith's visit, it appears that things may be on the way to an agreement. And, well, if that's the case, then Delco better get ready to love the smell of commerce in the morning.

Hopefully we'll see you in October, Kev. Snootchie Bootchies.