NOBODY TRAVELS LIKE Eagles fans. Ask anybody who was in Tampa last year or Denver 2 years ago or Miami in 2003. Birds fans flock to road games.

This year, there are no primo trips. Still, we hit the Net yesterday to price the flights of five Eagles road games, not including New York and Washington. Generally you leave Friday and return Monday (date of the game is in

parentheses). You're on your own for lodging.

At Green Bay (Sept. 9): There were no non-stops out of Philly. Best price was $258, but you had to leave Green Bay on Monday at 5:45 a.m. There was a 7 a.m. departure for $319 and one that left at 1:30 p.m. that was going for $384.

At Minnesota (Oct. 28): Minnesota in late October, ugh. There were plenty of options at $277. It's unlikely, but the Twins could be in the World Series.

At New England (Nov. 25): Good grief, this is Thanksgiving weekend! Flying into Boston, which is about 25 miles away, there are several options at $237.

At Dallas (Dec. 16): You're looking at $282 with several time choices. This could make for a lot of early Christmas gifts.

At New Orleans (Dec. 23): Easily the most expensive, because it's so close to Christmas. If you returned the night of the game, you're looking at $564. You could leave the following morning and save about $60, but you'd be flying on Christmas Eve. Double ugh.

Wake up the echoes

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tomorrow when Bob Sumner turns 50.

Sumner, better known as "Notre Dame

Harvey," is a loyal Daily News reader and avid lifelong Irish supporter.

He grew up in Grays Ferry and lives in Turnersville, N.J. When he's not working at DuPont or refereeing high school and college hoops, Sumner can be seen stalking the Notre Dame campus making sure prized freshman Jimmy Clausen is going to class.

Happy Birthday, Harv, from the Daily News sports staff. *

- Ed Barkowitz