The proverbial rock-star treatment can take many forms: penthouse suites, groupie-filled limos, bowls of M&M's picked clean (per contractual stipulation) of all green candies. At California's Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, a team of professionals strives to make sure that dressing rooms exceed even over-the-top rocker standards.

Each year since the launch of the festival in Indio, Calif., decorators enlisted by its promoter, Goldenvoice, have transformed the backstage area - specifically, 45 RVs, shared over three days by 122 scheduled acts - into a temporary rock-and-roll wonderland filled with hand-crafted furniture, original art, personalized memorabilia and eye-catching props.

According to Donna Busch, a club talent buyer for Goldenvoice who cocoordinates Coachella's backstage decor, such elaborate set dressing represents a "cool" way for the festival to live up to its name and spirit.

One particularly decked-out double trailer and tent configuration will accommodate the festival's nightly headlining acts, including Bjork and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

"For Bjork, we created a hand-made dress out of analog tape from a recording studio and a coffee table with her name spelled out in crystals," said Mary Anne Campagna, a graphic artist and designer. "For the Chili Peppers, we're paring everything down; we've worked with them for a long time and know they like minimalism."