Zaire is a handsome 6-year-old whose big brown eyes, appealing smile and good manners easily charm the people around him. Like many other youngsters his age, he likes sports, playing outdoors and Spider-Man. Other favorite activities include listening to music, eating, reading and being read to. He also enjoys helping out in his foster home.

In school, Zaire is enrolled in a special-education classroom where he benefits from speech therapy, a small number of students, and one-on-one attention. Although he is sometimes distracted, he is learning to focus more effectively.

Zaire has experienced many separations and losses. He would do well with a patient, committed permanent family that will give him the love and support that he needs and deserves. A family with therapeutic parenting experience would be helpful. It would be best if he is the youngest child in the family.

Often people think of babies when they hear the word


But there are relatively few infants in the foster-care system awaiting permanent homes. The majority of the children are school age, and nearly half are from minority cultures. Many of the children are eligible for financial subsidy.