Rosetta, 10, who likes to be called Rosie, describes herself as a mixture of quiet, outgoing, and talkative.

Like other girls her age, Rosie loves getting dressed up and trying different hairstyles.

Although it takes time for her to trust new relationships, once established she enjoys showing her affection by giving hugs.

Rosie gets along well with other children and has many friends. She also smiles when she receives positive reinforcement about doing well in school and completing her chores in her foster home. Rosie participates in a variety of activities, including Girl Scouts, ballet, hip-hop dancing, going to a playground, and attending birthday parties.

Rosie yearns to have a "forever" home. She dreams of cooking, cleaning, and helping her adoptive mother make the bed in the morning. Rosie adores puppies, cats, and ponies, and it would be great if the family had one of them. She needs a patient, loving, committed family that would allow her to develop trust and is willing to cultivate her strengths. In return, Rosie would bring charisma, energy, and charm to the family that welcomes her into their home.

Rosetta and other children are available for adoption by approved applicants. For a free information packet contact the National Adoption Center, 1500 Walnut St., Suite 701, Philadelphia, Pa. 19102. Call 215-735-9988, or visit the Web site at