Facing sentencing next month, convicted former state Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane has hired yet another lawyer.

Kane has retained Montgomery County defense lawyer Marc Robert Steinberg, according to court records filed Tuesday in her case.

Steinberg, a onetime Montgomery County assistant district attorney, said in an interview that he will be representing Kane at her Oct. 24 sentencing in Norristown.

It was unclear whether Kane also planned to keep employing her trial defense team, including high-profile New York lawyer Gerald Shargel.

In a Sept. 1 filing in her divorce case, she had cited "staggering" legal expenses, and asked a judge to order her husband to immediately pay her $1 million of what she estimates is $6 million in assets she says she deserves.

Shargel could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Kane, 50, a Democrat, was convicted in August of perjury and other crimes involving abuse of office. A jury found she leaked secret investigative information to a newspaper in a bid to discredit a former state prosecutor with whom she was feuding - and that she lied about her role when questioned under oath. Two days after her conviction, she resigned.

State sentencing guidelines recommend a prison term of two years or less.

Steinberg said he was considering calling witnesses at sentencing who could testify to Kane's "good works." He said he also hoped Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy will view her as "a mother, somebody who has been a hardworking person all her life, raised children, and did a lot of good."

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