Caitlin McCabe covers housing and development for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Embreeville psychiatric hospital may be demolished in deal that would preserve open space

The potential settlement agreement marks the end of a more than five-year saga, during which township officials, residents, and a development team disagreed on what should happen to the controversial psychiatric site.

Philadelphia's most expensive condo is up for sale. But who's really looking for a $25 million penthouse?

Philadelphia has been slow to add new condo units since the 2000s housing boom. That's bad news for first-time and low- to middle-income buyers, who often turn to condos to enter the housing market.

With Hahnemann closed, its owner, Joel Freedman, lists Rittenhouse home for $3.5M

The home at 2100-02 Locust St. was designed in 1889. The listing comes months after Freedman announced Hahnemann University Hospital would be closing.

Philly lawyers, residents lobby for policy change to make it easier to save homes in foreclosure

At a Wednesday press conference, lawyers said a Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency policy that requires homeowners to first pay off any liens before they can modify their mortgage jeopardizes residents' chances of saving their homes from sheriff's sale.

Philly wanted to reclaim a vacant lot cleaned up by a Fishtown man. The Pa. Supreme Court ruled in his favor.

The 20,000-square-foot lot had been vacant and blighted when Frank Galdo decided to clean it up in 1989. When the city asked for it decades later, he said it wasn't the city's to take.

Construction threatened to hide a mural. Technology ‘never done’ before in Philly will save it.

Philadelphia artist Ann Northrup is using high-resolution photography to recreate her "One World" mural. The artist community hopes it can be a road map for public art preservation.

Can a historic Center City building become 'a really hip center for millennial Jews'? One local group is counting on it.

The building at 1601-1603 Lombard St. is considered to a “contributing” part of a local historic district thanks to its ties to an African-American beauty-school chain.

Residents want community benefits from Germantown High School’s developer. Now, they must decide what to request

Germantown residents say they need more jobs, affordable housing, and businesses. They're hoping a local development team can help.

Philly’s housing market is still booming, even as recession fears grow

Experts say Philly’s housing growth is now a crucial part of the local economy, which raises an important question: If a recession were to come, would it go away?

On the North Philly block the morning after police shootings: ‘Today we have no children’

On Thursday morning, a group of five neighbors were lamenting that children who live on their block were afraid to play outside as they normally do.