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Sixers eye more than a new arena along Philly’s Delaware waterfront

The billionaire owners of the Philadelphia 76ers are looking at doing more than just building a new basketball arena. They’re looking to grab developments for a mile-long stretch of the Delaware River waterfront, architecture critic Inga Saffron writes.

The proposal, outlined in detail in the story, offered by “a bunch of sports executives taking on Philadelphia’s most cursed real estate project ... is either a display of canny ambition or ill-informed greed,” Saffron writes.

Wiping surfaces is fine for coronavirus, but the main risk is through the air. How to tell if your ventilation is OK.

“Deep cleaning” might be the coronavirus catchphrase of the moment. And, while there’s nothing wrong with good hygiene, my colleague Tom Avril reports, some experts think there should be more focus on preventing the virus from spreading through the air.

Instead of surfaces, indoor places where people might gather should examine their ventilation. Though the science of airflow can be complicated, there are some tips for keeping spaces well ventilated, be it through HVAC units, with filters, or more.

Pennsylvania residents prepare for the statewide eviction moratorium to end today

Thousands of evictions have been on hold because of Pennsylvania’s moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. They might proceed when the state’s ban ends today.

In Philadelphia, landlord-tenant court will begin to hear rescheduled cases later this week and landlords who’ve won hearings can start evicting tenants next week. New cases in Philadelphia aren’t expected to be heard until November.

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“After this week, I understand more deeply than before the purpose of our campus community. I get that people need it, not just economically but emotionally and existentially. I also can see how our good intentions, old habits, and best selves could make it all unravel.” — writes Davon Powers, Ph.D., an associate professor of advertising at Temple, about her first days back teaching during a pandemic.

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