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As the hours wore on and it looked increasingly likely we wouldn’t project a winner in the presidential election last night, the nation’s (and world’s) focus has sharpened on Pennsylvania and, specifically, the methodical vote count out of Philadelphia.

Yes, Joe Biden could still find another way to secure enough Electoral College votes to win the White House if his relatively narrow advantages (as of this morning) hold in Georgia and Nevada. But, without winning Pennsylvania, President Trump won’t have the Electoral College votes needed for a second term in office.

There are still votes to count, though, and you can track them as they come in right here.

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Pennsylvania mail ballots are on the cusp of pushing Biden past Trump — and to the White House

The blue shift we’ve been reporting on throughout this year has whittled down Trump’s initial advantage in Pennsylvania as mail ballots began to be counted.

As of early this morning, Biden’s advantage with mail-in voters has seen his total votes climb to within 20,000 of the president’s. The state reported that there are still thousands of mail ballots left to count — many in overwhelmingly Democratic Philadelphia.

With that in mind, Biden appears on the cusp of overtaking Trump’s lead and securing Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes. Those votes would win him the presidency.

Biden still has other paths to victory, even if he doesn’t flip Pennsylvania. He has narrow advantages in Nevada and, as of this morning, Georgia. Winning one of those two states would get him the Electoral College votes he needs. But with some of those states bracing for what could potentially be days-long waits for political resolutions, this election looks likely to be decided by Pennsylvania.

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⚖️ The Trump campaign will forge ahead with legal challenges to the vote count in many states, focusing the bulk of the election fraud charges on Pennsylvania, specifically Philadelphia. But the flurry of court activity hasn’t appeared capable of delivering Trump a reelection victory, our colleagues report.

Our colleagues fact-checked Trump’s claims of election fraud in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

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💃 Partisan bickering at a tense protest in Philly made way for a dance party in Center City yesterday.

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“The world has been waiting to learn the next president of the United States, a wait that would have been avoided if Pennsylvania Republicans allowed pre-canvassing and didn’t constantly attempt to disrupt the count. Elections should be won through the persuasion of voters, not suppression of their votes. The voting infrastructure is working. The results will be legitimate, whenever they may come — despite Republicans, not because of them.” — The Inquirer Editorial Board, which operates as a separate entity from the newsroom, wrote about the events before Pennsylvania’s delayed results.

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