Before we even get to the latest news about the 2020 election (which is just a little over four weeks away), my colleagues broke major news yesterday about a development concerning the 2022 election: Sen. Pat Toomey will not be running for his U.S. Senate seat or for governor, sources say. And, somehow, the Birds' first win of the season last night has put them in first place in the NFC East.

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Sen. Pat Toomey won’t run for reelection or for Pennsylvania governor, sources say

In a surprise decision, Sen. Pat Toomey appears ready to step away. The Republican will not run for reelection or for governor of Pennsylvania in 2022, according to reporting from my colleagues Jonathan Tamari and William Bender. A formal announcement is expected today.

The move has significant implications. Toomey was widely seen as the likely Republican favorite for governor in 2022. And his absence from the Senate race creates a wide-open GOP primary and a prime target for national Democrats.

With Election Day just four weeks from tomorrow, here’s some of the latest:

💻 Pennsylvania’s online system to apply for and track mail-in ballots crashed Saturday and was out yesterday, too.

🥊 Trump’s attack on voting has Philly front and center, my colleagues write.

🗣️ Here’s what a group of Pennsylvania voters thought of the first presidential debate.

😷 Both Gov. Wolf in Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s Gov. Murphy are recommending that residents be cautious if they attended campaign events. Trump had a fund-raiser at his golf course in Bedminster, N.J., on Thursday, just hours before he tested positive for COVID-19.

❓The election was thrown for a loop with the president’s coronavirus diagnosis. But some Republicans in Pennsylvania are unwavering in their support for Trump.

👎 Trump’s hopes in Pennsylvania could come down to rural voters disliking Biden as much as they disliked Clinton four years ago.

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Coronavirus treatment has changed in hospitals. Here’s what it looks like now in Philadelphia.

In the early days of the pandemic, doctors both in Philly and elsewhere had to learn about treating COVID-19 on the fly. “People were just throwing anything they could at it,” the chief of infectious diseases at Reading Hospital-Tower Health told my colleague Stacey Burling.

But now, Burling reports, doctors have agreed on a core set of treatments, in part due to regional cooperation of health systems that are usually in competition.

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“What kind of person was I turning into that I was taking such glee in someone else’s pain? For months, we’ve heard how scary and deadly this disease can be. As a person who strives to be compassionate, I shouldn’t wish this on anyone.” — writes columnist Elizabeth Wellington about showing compassion for Trump, regardless of how you feel about him.

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