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Maclin defends DeSean

Jeremy Maclin defended DeSean Jackson today, saying he watched the broadcast of the Eagles game Thursday and doesn't think Jackson was ignoring his teammates, as was reported.

"I don't think they understood what exactly was going on. I think everybody was kind of assuming things because of whatever's going on with him," Maclin said. "It's unfortunate that people do those type of things."

Maclin said that teammates listen to one another on the sidelines "10 times out of 10."

"If somebody who you're playing with is talking to you, you pay attention. I honestly don't think Vince (Young) was talking to him," when the reported incident was caught on camera.

"Obviously they're going to try to find anything that they can to nit pick so it's unfortunate that that happened like that," Maclin said. "I highly doubt that he's talking to DeSean right there."