Good news, Roku owners. The streaming device finally has a YouTube channel of its own - after only two years of complaining by millions of users.

Now the bad news. Original box and Roku 2 owners will have to wait until next year to download the app, according to Roku's own blog. That's because the channel is only designed to work on the company's latest device, Roku 3.

Until then, you can still backdoor your way to YouTube videos on TV through free but clunky third-party apps like Plex. I use it and it's OK, but it does tend to buffer a lot with HD video.

There were better solutions out there, but each of their creators wound up getting cease-and-desist letters from Roku's lawyers after Google, YouTube's owner, complained.

If you're thinking of buying or gifting a Roku soon, remember it's just a box. You pay extra for movie services. To that end, you should check out, "Which streaming movie platform is best for you?"