Philadelphia is abuzz with news this morning that the Democratic Party will be coming to town for the 2016 Democratic National Convention, a bit of news the party made official with a video featuring Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and one very cold cheesesteak.

To begin, Schultz, DNC chair, walks up to a refrigerator, opens it, picks up a cold, unwrapped half of a cheesesteak, and closes the door before slapping up a Philadelphia magnet. Then, the real magic comes in the form of a tinny-sounding rendition of "Eye of the Tiger."

Really, all it's missing are some snowballs being thrown at Santa or an exterior shot of a Wawa, and they'd have hit the coveted Philly Cliché Trifecta. Maybe next time.

Given that the DNC will arrive here in 2016, though, the national news media will have plenty of chances to fill in whatever the Dems missed in their announcement video. Which, of course, means one thing: Prepare yourselves, the Rocky jokes are coming.

Check out the video below: