Pandora: "All Gifted"

Does sitting for countless hours searching for music to your liking sound familiar? It is a task that is greatly time consuming, but there seems to be no easier way than to hope that one appealing song will lead to another. However, with the creation of, a favorite song or artist is all that is necessary and the site will do all the work for you in a matter of seconds. With information gathered from the Human Genome Project, started in 2000 and being improved daily by a team of 50 musician-analysts, the site searches its large database to provide you with a list of songs and artists similar to your favorite. The founders of Pandora have one purpose for it - to provide people with enjoyable music. The site is a free and easy way to explore music that matches your interests and songs that, if not for Pandora, you may never have come across. So just sit back, relax and listen. Who knows? maybe you will find your next favorite artist, band or song.