Why I like it:

This is really Earth Day coming a week late to Chester County. It's worth the wait, though. The county park and rec folks have lured almost every conceivable type of outdoors group to Warwick County Park on Saturday.

There will be just too many things/events going on to mention all of them. There will be groups you'd expect - the Boy Scouts and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission - and some you wouldn't, like the Chester County Beekeepers Association.

There will be critters galore, but we'll bet that the newborn sheep and goats from Springton Manor Farm are the cutest. Petting is allowed in their exhibit area.

There also will be naturalist Jack Hubley, who hosts a nationally syndicated TV show called Wild Moment on WGAL-TV in Lancaster; the show can be seen in some parts of Chester County. Hubley will bring with him some small wild creatures.

And there will be environmental and conservation groups in the Earth Day spirit, such as Leave No Trace, which advocates low-impact camping and hiking. In other words, don't mess up the land.

Fish story: One of the most popular events at the fest is the annual Coventryville Trout Club Kid's Trout Rodeo.

The club stocks about 700 trout in a stretch of the French Creek that runs through the park, for young anglers up to age 15. Most of the trout are 16 to 20 inches, but a few will be will "trophy trout" of 20 to 24 inches. There also will be a few golden, or palomino, trout.

This is free, and no fishing license is required, but you should bring your own gear and bait. This is bait fishing; no fly fishing allowed.

Note to parents: If you want to take the kids, but you're not sure you know enough to teach them how to fish, a free fishing seminar is scheduled in the park as part of the rodeo, starting at 9:30 a.m. Saturday. Members of the trout club also will be around the creek, ready to offer help.

Hungry?: Several vendors will be selling food.

Cost: Most events, such as the trout rodeo, are free, but parking is $5.

Where: The park is at 382 County Park Rd. in Warwick Township. That's really Route 23, west of Route 100. (The official address on the park Web site says Pottstown, but that's a postal address. Ignore it unless you plan to mail yourself there.)

When: Saturday, 10 a.m to 4 p.m, but you can get in early for the 9:30 fishing seminar.

For more information: Call 610-469-1916.

- Bill Raftery