Letter From Santa

Dear Wildemann family,

Merry Christmas! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday. I hope you are happy with what I got you. I did my best and tried to get the best toys and games and everything else you wanted. You were all on my nice list!

Sean, you were on the top of my nice list. You have the best Christmas spirit out of all the children in the world. I remember when I called you on Friday, you seemed very excited. Also, thank you for taking a picture with me at the mall. I loved it so much that I have a copy of the picture on my desk at my workshop. If you remember, Stephen and you sent me a letter at the mall and put it in my mailbox.

Remember, Wildemanns, that Christ is the reason for the season. Sean will probably remember because when I had breakfast with him and his class at MDP, the theme was "Happy Birthday, Jesus." By the way, that breakfast was delicious.

Also, thank you for the milk and cookies. They were very tasty. And the reindeer liked their food, too. I was very happy to see you when I was on the fire truck going down your street. You were all very cheerful.

Well, thank you for reading my letter before you ripped all your presents open. I'll see you next year.