The Way Your Love Spreads

Like dominoes your love does spread, quickly, swiftly, awake

Excitement splashes 'cross your face

And before I know it I am covered in love, unable to escape

Then silently, it heads out the door to cover everyone

Soon enough it will burn into them like heat waves from the sun

You have enough to spare

And you only live to show the world how much just one can care

Your love will dash around each day to hand out lots of it

Until one time it finds a place where the cloud of sadness hangs around

And will not budge an inch away from the terribly sad crowd

But then you use your magic and you touch those peoples' souls

Bless you they cry out loud and clear

You blew that cloud away

What can we do to repay you?

We'll do any of your chores today

But you just smile and wave as you slowly sail away

In search to make the joyful bond a bit stronger in every way.