What is this cruel

Game of war,

This horror,

This nightmare

That ends

In nothing

But death,


And sadness?

What is this cruel

Game of war

That breaks us up,

Tears families apart,

Except for the

Invisible thread

Connecting our Heart

To those we love?

What is this cruel

Game of war

Where one is right,

And one is wrong?

Must there always

Be one "good" side?

Why can't we settle

This together,

As one

Accepting differences.

But the amazing thing

About this game,

This cruel game

Of war and peace,

Is that nothing can

And nothing will

(not even War) Break

The invisible thread

Connecting hearts

That stretches over

Seas and rivers,

Hills and mountains,

to those we love

This single shard

Of hope and love

Will pull us through

The worst of times

With an open mind,


And love,

the longest wars,

Can end in peace.