Break the ties

that bind Temple

As a two-time graduate of Temple University, including its law school, I have asked the Temple Office of University Counsel three times to explain to me what they intend to do to sever all ties with Bill Cosby - yet all in vain ("Cosby's moralizing struck a false note with the judge," July 12). As Penn State revisionist historians try to resurrect their graven image of a god, Joe Paterno, after the Jerry Sandusky scandal, cannot Temple University do better?

|Tom Cardellino, San Francisco, Calif.


Tsk, tsk, Toomey

I'm tired of politicians like U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) who say one thing to constituents and then vote another way - especially when it comes to children's safety. In particular, Toomey has been touting a bill that would require school employees to get multiple background checks, yet he selfishly placed a hold on another bill that would keep sexual predators out of day care centers because he wasn't getting his way on his bill. Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children doesn't like what he's doing, and neither do I.

Additionally, Toomey has voted against funding for an initiative that reduces child abuse and against grants for Children's Advocacy Centers, which coordinate the investigation, treatment, and prosecution of child abuse cases.

|Juliana Flower, Swarthmore