The big Philadelphia news from yesterday: the Eagles’ comeback win in Washington. After trailing in the fourth quarter, a wild final five minutes saw the Birds grab a 37-27 victory. More on what that means for the team later in the newsletter.

In other news, my colleagues are reporting that Jeff Van Drew, a Democrat elected last year to represent a South Jersey congressional district, is expected to become a Republican. That decision apparently has a lot to do with the effort to impeach President Donald Trump.

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Female surgical residents face discrimination that can mean burnout and suicidal thoughts, study finds

A recent national survey revealed that 65% of female surgical residents reported some encountering type of gender discrimination. While gender bias is not new, a separate study found that most of the discrimination came from patients, not other surgeons.

“All of us have had patients who say, ‘I don’t want a female doctor. I want a white male American doctor,’” said Jo Buyske, president of the American Board of Surgery and a surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. “And a lot of hospitals will say that it’s their mission for the patients to come first, period.”

South Jersey Democratic Congressman Jeff Van Drew expected to become a Republican

Van Drew has vocally opposed impeaching Trump. He’s now expected to switch parties in the coming days, according to three New Jersey Democratic sources. Van Drew, from Cape May County, has been elected as a Democrat for more than two decades and previously was a state legislator.

Van Drew recently asked party chairs to sign a pledge to support him. They refused, according to the Atlantic County chairman. In a statement, Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, said that Van Drew’s impeachment stand meant he would no longer have the Democrats’ support. Six of Van Drew’s senior aids resigned on Sunday.

A Navy SEAL from Philly died fighting the Taliban. The Afghanistan Papers confirmed what his father already knew.

For Charles Strange, a father from Montgomery County, reading the Washington Post’s reporting on U.S. military leaders misleading the public about the war in Afghanistan didn’t make him angry. More than eight years ago, his son was killed alongside 29 other U.S. soldiers and eight Afghan security forces. But he was hurt, especially by the allegations of lying in the Post’s investigation.

“This is what you get when your son dies: a pin and a flag,” Strange said, his Gold Star pinned to his chest. “And lied to.”

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“But then there’s that one unanswered wish so many of us have: that the next generation of children never know what it’s like to be the collateral victims of gun violence.” — Inquirer columnist Helen Ubiñas writes about a Christmas party for the children of Philadelphia murder victims.

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