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And speaking of Halloween, we’ve got a story about what the weather might look like during prime trick-or-treating hours (spoiler: not too bad). Expecting rain, some towns moved trick-or-treating, and some residents aren’t happy about it. We also have a story about Philly’s mayor weighing a political decision, and another about new city safeguards against housing theft.

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Philly Mayor Jim Kenney is considering a 2022 run for governor, sources say

Two people with direct knowledge of what Kenney is thinking told The Inquirer that the mayor might run for governor after Tom Wolf’s second term concludes in 2022. Kenney is widely expected to coast to a second term as Philadelphia’s mayor in Tuesday’s general election against Republican Billy Ciancaglini. A spokesperson for Kenney neither confirmed nor denied that he’s considering a gubernatorial run.

If he does seek the job in 2022, he would likely try to re-create a statewide version of the coalition of unions and progressive groups that won him the mayor’s office in Philly.

Philly announces a crackdown on rampant housing theft

Over the last year, a series of Inquirer articles has shown that housing theft has become a real problem in Philadelphia. That’s in part because gentrification has spread and property values have risen. Fraudsters forge deeds and pose as fake heirs to gain control of properties and flip them to developers for big profits.

Yesterday, city officials announced a series of safeguards intended to crack down on people stealing houses and lots. Among them is a new digitized system that is supposed to automatically send emails to people who sign up any time their name appears on a deed, mortgage, or other real estate record filed with the city.

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“It’s the kind of detail that chills to the bone even in a city that can be tragically inured to deadly violence. Two babies, shot in the head, in completely separate cases, in completely different parts of this city of 1.5 million — yet inextricably linked by the circles through which guns so easily move in Philadelphia.” — columnist Mike Newall about the gruesome coincidence that linked the shootings of two children in Philadelphia.

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