Thanksgiving is more than a week away. But it’s not too early to start planning those menus. We had some of Philly’s best chefs show us how they cook their favorite dishes (including a 🦃). Plus, a couple of our political reporters took a deep look at how the Medicare for All debate is shaping the Democratic Party ahead of 2020. Last but certainly not least, scroll down to the end to learn more about a good dog 🐶 that’s breaking barriers with its handler.

Want to cook Thanksgiving like a Philly chef this year? Well, be prepared to spatchcock a turkey, top your squash with stracchino cheese, load your sausage stuffing with garnishes, top your dessert with brown-butter whipped cream, and encrust your mac and cheese in panko.

We got the stories on some of the favorite Thanksgiving dishes from the chefs behind Res Ipsa, Mike’s BBQ, Fiore, and Kalaya. Oh, and we share their recipes, too. Do you have any favorite last-minute Thanksgiving dishes?

Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. announced a new environmental safety plan for Philly schools. Among other things, he pledged quicker responses to asbestos issues in school buildings and better communication with affected communities.

There has been rising pressure on the district to better handle environmental concerns in its aging buildings. This school year has seen asbestos in multiple buildings.

Some labor unions see Medicare for All as essential to their values. Others think it would be a downgrade from the insurance benefits for which they fought so hard. In a larger sense, Medicare for All is serving as a dividing line in the Democratic Party between a liberal wing and more moderate voices.

The fight has come up consistently in debates and is almost certain to make an appearance again in the fifth debate tonight. So, where do the candidates stand on the issue?

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Milk drinkers declining
Dave Granlund/
Milk drinkers declining

“Only at an Ivy League institution would students react to a university’s strategic decision with the sense of entitlement currently on display.” — Ehson Kashfipour, a current J.D./MBA candidate at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School and the Wharton School, about the backlash to the name change at Penn’s law school.

  • A freelance writer living in New Jersey is on pace to make about $120,000 this year. If a worker bill passes in New Jersey, Jen A. Miller writes, she may have to move to continue her freelance career.
  • Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene A. DePasquale writes that the commonwealth needs to get real about how much it costs to clean up climate change disasters.

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Your Daily Dose of | Bahir (a.k.a. “Stinky Butt”)

Bahir is an Azawakh dog trained by former Philly cop Aliya Taylor. And at this year’s National Dog Show, Bahir and Taylor were each one of a kind.