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What Andy Said, What Andy Meant (post-Browns)

On Asante Samuel dropping the football before he crossed the goal line on his interception return:

What Andy said: ``We’ll address that tomorrow. You’ve got to make sure that you score before you let the ball go.’’

What Andy meant: ``Starting immediately, we’re instituting a new incentive program. A player who scores a touchdown will get an extra $5,000 if he brings the ball directly over to me. The only thing I’m a little ticked about is Joe Banner said the money’s got to come out of my own pocket.’’

On his oft-maligned wide-receiving corps, which combined for 18 receptions and 2 TDs against the Browns:

What Andy said: ``They seem to be playing well. They’ve all got 1 or 2 redeeming qualities. At one point this year, we were leading the league in drops. Guys are doing a better job of focusing in and catching the ball.’’

What Andy meant: ``The guys over at the Laser Eye Center gave us a terrific group rate. Jason Avant said that until he had the surgery, he never knew Kevin Curtis was a white guy.’’

On whether he’s concerned about Kevin Kolb, who threw another interception that was returned for a touchdown:

What Andy said: ``I’m not that worried about that. That play would’ve happened to anybody when somebody comes free like that from the backside.’’

What Andy meant: ``Damn right I’m concerned. If we can get him out of jail, we want to bring in that Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at Bush for a workout this week. I was really impressed with the velocity he had on those size-10s. Needs to work on his accuracy though.’’

On the difficulty of getting ready for the Washington game on a short week:

What Andy said: ``Obviously Rick (Burkholder, the Eagles’ trainer) has got a big job to do there in the training room. Guys were in early this morning getting treatment.’’

What Andy meant: ``I told all the guys that if anybody asks, those pills they’re taking are Aleve.’’

On whether McNabb, who completed passes to 9 different receivers Monday, is looking around more for different guys to throw the ball to:

What Andy said: ``It’s the play called and just going through the progressions. I don’t think he picks one particular person out to throw him the ball. It’s all dependent on the play called.’’

What Andy meant: ``Donovan will throw the ball to anybody who bought a gift for the twins. I warned Reggie Brown what would happen if he didn’t pony up for that diamond-studded stroller.’’

On the fact that his former offensive coordinator, Brad Childress, could help the Eagles’ playoff chances immensely this weekend if his Vikings defeat the Atlanta Falcons:

What Andy said: ``You want me to tell you he owes me one? Is that what you want?’’

What Andy meant: ``I told Brad that if he loses to the Falcons, I won’t rest until he’s back coaching wide receivers at Northern Arizona.’’

On whether this season reminds him of any of your other 9 seasons in Philadelphia:

What Andy said: ``I don’t know. Every season has its own highs and its own lows.’’

What Andy meant: ``It’s lunchtime. The only thing this season reminds me of right now is a cheeseburger. Class dismissed.’’